Improving Sight Reading!

Being able to sight read well offers many benefits beyond just getting good marks in a piano examination. It exposes you to a greater variety of repertoire, enables faster learning of learn new pieces and opens up more opportunities for making music with others.

Sight reading was definitely the weakest link for me as a young musician and something I had little success in improving. I’ve always wanted to address this and now as I attempt to broaden my active repertoire and collaborate more with other musicians, I’ve decided to revisit my unfinished business with sight reading!

In this series of videos I will be providing a guided tour of an advanced curriculum for developing sight-reading skills which I’ve worked on as part of my music publishing activities. I will be sharing some of my experiences in using it along with general tips and ideas for practising sight reading.


Introduction - In this first video I give some background to my initial experiences of sight reading. I also provide an overview of the sight reading curriculum that I will be using in an attempt to improve my skills. Click here to view on YouTube.

Part 1 - Eye Training

  • Keeping Your Eyes on the Score - Our tour starts by looking at ways to keep your eyes on the score and avoid looking at your hands. Click here to view on YouTube.
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Advanced Sight Reading Curriculum - Click on one of the following links for more information on the resources featured in these videos:

A listing of further resources for improving sight reading is available here.


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